birdfolks    /bəːdfəʊkɛs/

1  FRIED (of food) deliciously cooked in hot oil, resulting in a thick and crispy dark brown crust as the honeyed-brine oozes out with flavour.

2  SAVOURY (of food) belonging to the category that is salty or spicy rather than sweet, but sure there's always a hint of sweet after having a good meal.

3  TASTY (of food) having a pleasant, distinct flavour; So distinct because we painstaking brined our meats over a long period of time.

4  LOCAL relating or restricted to a particular area or one's neighbourhood. Not just in the west, but Singapore as a whole. Kopi, Teh and Fried Chicken, where else?

5  CHICKEN a domestic fowl kept for its eggs or meat, and thats pretty much everything we do here. No confusion, just everything with chicken.



Birdfolks have ceased operations.
We thank you for your continued support.


Fried Chicken, Everything!

Sharing our love for American-inspired fried chicken, in our very own interpretation, with a little twist of Asian, right here in the West of Singapore. When we say fusion, we meant Nanyang kopi served with our favourite fried poultry. Sitting quietly just a little off the outskirts of Clementi and West Coast, Birdfolks serves up a cosy affair of comfort food with a hint of Japanese, local and street-style casual dining, all within our humble little cafe;
this is our expression of a new nostalgia.

When we think of fried chicken, we picture a thick-crusted batter, wrapped within lies a juicy piece of flavourful meat; this is exactly what we do at Birdfolks. A common yet uncommon combination of spices used in Singapore, we marry the East and the West together with our chicken recipe. Expect a familiar taste of Asian herbs such as clove and five spice fused deeply within our Western recipe. Double battered and deep fried, the fried chicken is served with a caramelised crust when the honeyed brine oozes out from the thigh fillets into the cripsy crust.
Yes, imagine that.

The Signature Fried Chicken

We don't do average. The Birdfolks' signature fried chicken is probably one of the most flavourful chicken you would come across islandwide in Singapore. We process our boneless chicken thigh meat right at our premise, the poultry is brined with our signature flavour, one with great fusion flavours. Expect a unique combination from the clove and five spices used in making, giving our fried chicken a distinctive taste amidst the saturated fried chicken in the local scene. The chicken thigh is then left to brine for more than 12 hours before it reaches the fryer, that's the secret to great flavours.

That's not all, another interesting point to note is the use of dark brown sugar and honey in our brine. Often, we get queries about our fried chicken coming out darker, not because they are burnt, but exactly because we deliberate chose sugar in the our recipe. Just like how you would expect caramel to be, our fried chicken is enhanced with the caramelised crust when the sweet juices marry our double battered thigh meats in the frying process.

Every piece of fried chicken we served is hand-battered and fry-to-order. Experience them piping hot when you dine in at our joint, probably one of the best fried chicken you could have imagined.

About Birdfolks

Our journey begun in the late 2017. What started out as a casual side chat turned out to be a project that eventually created Birdfolks. The fried chicken concept was born out of the hands of two unknowing dudes venturing into the competitive food and beverage scene in Singapore. An overseas stint in the university days exposed the two to an array of delicious fried chicken from the States. The crust, the crunch and the crisp was never forgotten by the duo even long after return to their homeland.

In an effort to recreate the experience, it took the pair several months of trial and error, not to recreate a recipe, but to develop a uniquely Singapore-styled fried chicken. The preparation method felt similar yet the combination was almost unheard of. With the initial goal to redefine the comfort food, Birdfolks took it a step further to redefine chicken rice, a familiar local favourite, altogether. A series of speciality rice was introduced to be paired with the chicken, fried or not.

Today, we reinvent ourselves with a streamlined menu and new proteins joining the family. What we wish to achieve is to serve our little community of fried chicken lovers here in Singapore, in a humble off-tracked joint in the West, with both comfort food and space that's great for families and friends to catch-up, chill or charged-up for a brand new tomorrow.

Locate Us

Situated just a few stops away from Clementi MRT, right next to Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) along West Coast Drive, our 30+ seater restaurant is nested within the NEWest strata-mall on Level 1 of the commercial mall. Ample hourly parking is available at the mall's basement, we are also conveniently served by 5 public buses right outside the mall.

Birdfolks offers islandwide delivery via Oddle Delivery, with varying delivery surcharges by location, so you can enjoy our fried chicken almost anywhere in Singapore at your own comfort.

Alternatively, delivery are also available within the vicinity via GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo.

For more info, reach us via any platform below!